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LEARN MORE We exists to church the unchurched teens in Nairobi bringing them to the knowledge of Jesus Christ which then transforms them to become fearless influencers of society.Secondly, to show a teen how much fun they can have in church today despite the pressure the world puts on them.Zziwa was and is still best friends with Desire Luzinda who for the record, turned 25 yesterday.This closeness to the Kitone star coupled with the alcohol and drug mix could not leave his wife riding on the same horse with him, she ended up packing because at the time, Desire's pics were acting as screen savers on many people's phones.Ads While appearing on NTV Mwasuze Mutya program, Zziwa told of how he beat up one of his brothers right before his clients.

But perhaps you don't want to accuse him until you have proof of an affair.And whether it’s something deep and meaningful you’re after or a hassle-free hook up, there’s a dating app for you.From bearded men only to double dating, here’s 10 dating apps you need to be on in 2016. Voicecandy An app with an audio twist, Voicecandy connects people by choosing an icebreaker question and allowing you to record and listen to spontaneous replies.He is always checking on his social networks to find out if he did not post anything controversial, so when it turned out that he is going to rehab, ' Travelling.the post he made, but with no location leaving his followers guessing what the destination was, but only him knew that his final destination was Butabika Hospital.Voir Une excursion dans les bas-fonds de Flickr sur Culture 1.

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Which sounds complicated but simply means if you’ve been to an event the night before but left without that hot guy’s number?

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