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As far as the foot is concerned, they continue to monitor, they continue to look at it.

There are no structural issues with it, according to somebody familiar with the latest scans of that foot.

Coleman could never get back on track, failing to top 41 yards in any of the final eight contests, taking a back seat to Terrelle Pryor. Cleveland signed Kenny Britt, but it’s clear the organization wants Coleman to take the next step to No. Continuing their rebuild, the Browns are missing a whopping 285 targets from last season.

Support their projects, follow them on social media and when the subject of a celebrity league comes up -- or just celebrities in general playing fantasy football -- can it already with the holier-than-thou sneer. Chelsea Handler has an enormous fan base, including tons of women. Phil Lord & Chris Miller (directors of "22 Jump Street," "Lego Movie," and currently filming the new Han Solo movie) 8. It's got married folks and single people, parents and party animals, young and old, from all different parts of the country and all different backgrounds. We've been having members of the league on the podcast once a week and will continue to do so, so hopefully you'll check it out. We don't care if you listen, we just want the downloads. So if there's someone in your life who hasn't tried it yet, I will bet anything that person is a fan of at least one member of our league. It's a bit of a gut call here, but gimme the Red Rifle as a top-10 option at the position this week.

We are a country that places a great deal of value on celebrity. And so when a celebrity does something like, say, play fantasy football, people notice. If Chelsea has a fun experience playing fantasy football and says something on her show or tweets about her fantasy team once or twice ... That will do more to spread the word about the fun and ease of fantasy sports than any ESPN commercial we could air. It's every celebrity, be they in our podcast league or not. But the most important thing about the league is that it's promoting fantasy football. And that might just be enough."Come on, try fantasy football. Others receiving votes: Even after last week's solid showing against the Titans, the Raiders are still last in passing yards allowed per game. Look, I certainly don't expect Trevor Siemian to do what he did last week.

You know how much fun, how awesome, how addicting fantasy football is. We need more women playing, more kids, more senior citizens. I've read a lot of her books, watched her on TV for years. I wanted to not just explain our game, I wanted to convince her to play. (no slouch himself in the trash talk department) via email. "All he does is name drop celebrities." "That podcast spends way too much time talking to famous people." "He's so self-centered and egocentric."Look, I've got no answer for the third one. But as the second year of the ESPN Fantasy Focus Podcast Celebrity Fantasy Football League is now underway, I wanted to mention Chelsea and talk about the league for a very specific reason. Unqualified podcast (Anna Faris & Sim Sarna)Plus, Field Yates, Stephania Bell and I round out the 14. There are still those who are negative and only like "for-real football."That's why I desperately hope folks took me up on the "just one person" idea, and if they didn't, I hope they will in the future. Quarterbacks I love in Week 4Matthew Stafford, Lions: I'm running out of ways to make puns out of Jim Bob Cooter's name. Facing a Browns squad that has allowed multiple passing scores and at least 275 passing yards in each game this season makes Cousins a legit top-10 play this week and an obvious target for Aaron Rodgers owners if somehow he is still available in your league (his ownership rate was 76 percent as of this writing).

Make it your goal to convince one person in your life who has never played before to try a league this year. So for my one person who has never played before, I chose Chelsea Handler. In addition to being fun for me and good promotion for ESPN Fantasy, I had an ulterior motive. Chelsea was great in person, and when we were done, I made my pitch. And while she has been slow out of the gate in the podcast league, she leads the league in trash talk. As I write this, she has been going back and forth with Dale Earnhardt Jr. ), but the recipe continues to be there: poor defense, inconsistent running game and high-volume passing attack with talented pass-catchers.

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